Clinic Manager, Charted Physiotherapist

Having completed my BSc (Hons) degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2015. I worked in the NHS for 3 years, gaining a broad range of experience in multiple areas including Stroke, Medicine, Surgery, Intensive Care, Respiratory medicine, Orthopaedics, Musculoskeletal, Women’s Health, Geriatric physiotherapy and On-Call duties. I have also worked with Therapy First since 2015 managing clients with a wide range of musculoskeletal, sports and occupational injuries as well as maintenance including sports massage.

At a young age I had a keen interest in sport, including dance, trampolining and gymnastics, of which I trained at a high level for many years. I have had regular physiotherapy treatments in the past for many sports-related injuries which allowed me to continue competing and improving in the sports I loved. The knowledge and improvement I gained and saw inspired me to become a Physiotherapist and help people in the same way – to help people recover from their injuries to get back into their chosen activity or sport. The importance of manual treatment in addition to long-term tailored home exercises has been instilled from my own experiences as well as the experiences of others, and in my practice, I strive to assist clients to achieve their goals and physical potential through these methods as well as postural and movement re-education and electrotherapy. I have an additional qualification in Sports Massage, gained in 2014. This has been instrumental in developing my manual skills which are of key importance in recovery and maintenance of many musculoskeletal, sports and occupational injuries.

My experience in many different areas of physiotherapy combined with manual therapy and sports massage experiences enables me to tailor my treatment methods to meet the individual client’s needs and work with the client to produce a specific treatment plan which focuses on their own abilities and goals. As a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, I continue my personal development and education through specialist courses and workshops and hands-on experience.

I strive to deliver a holistic and personalised client-centred approach and use a combination of physiotherapy treatment techniques including manual therapy, electrotherapy, postural and movement re-education and exercise therapy to provide clients with the best possible treatment in order to achieve their individual goals.