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Last Minute 10k Run  Tips From Therapy First “The Physio Clinic”

  1. You should probably start the tapering (In the context of sports, tapering refers to the practice of reducing exercise in the days just before an important competition) process for the big day. Cutting   your weekly mileage by 25% is highly suggested to get the best training effects and to peak on the day.
  2. Don’t ignore pain, this is simply the most important you can do. If you are having any pain and it gets worse while you’re running or afterwards when walking or relaxing, “just STOP”. Anna our Physiotherapist simply says “take time out and consult a professional and then treatment as recommended. At Therapy First we have appointments available every week day, including evenings. (0161 796 7226)
  3. Prepare for the race, it’s suggested you run easier and think about or even visualise your race, maybe take a drive / walk to see the course – this will give you a chance to go through the motions of the run. Imagine yourself pumping your arms up the hills and relaxing on the down hills.
  4. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”! Go to Pilates classes which are a great way of complementing your running or do the core exercises as suggested by Jaz the Senior Physio at Therapy First. Download your FREE copy of the core exercises for runners:
  5. Please ensure you take your rest days seriously, particularly as you near race day. These are really so vital not only for physical but for mental reasons also.
  6. Practice getting up at the time you will on race day, this will get your body used to the early start so then on the day it won’t be a shock or you won’t be half asleep, and remember no alcohol intake pre the race day.
  7. If you have any tightness, take control and get on top of it. We suggest you do gentle stretching after a bath, if this doesn’t work a sports massage is an effectual way of alleviating tightness and sore muscles. We have a very popular sports therapist here to help you. Call Stuart if you need any advise 07494 570 680 0r email There will also be post-race massage available on the day so make use of it to help your recovery.
  8. Making a race plan will help calm your nerves and get the best out of the day. Start by sticking to familiar foods, allow plenty of time to get there and know how you’re going to race so you can gauge your speed.
  9. On the day make sure you run in shoes you have worn before blisters on the day of the race won’t be advantageous to your run. It’s a highly recommended that you run the race in your most comfortable kit so make sure to try it all out before. (Researchers from Staffordshire University found that among elite triathletes, 62.1 percent of injuries suffered during a five-year period were caused by running, 34.5 percent by cycling and only 3.4 percent by swimming, to blame it all on shoes, you must overlook other factors that are more than plausible contributors to running’s high injury rate, namely body weight, sedentariness, hard surfaces, popularity and so) Source:
  10. WATER! AGUA! EAU! Finally, hydrate! Not just before the race but during and after, again something to practice in advance of your race day. The 20 to 30 minute window after the race is vital for recuperation and recovery. Try consuming a sports drink and protein bar within 20 to 30 minutes and then some carbohydrates within 2 hours of completing the race.


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