“Our APPI qualified team physiotherapist delivers APPI Pilates in our clinics at MediaCityUK, Manchester that produces fantastic and positive outcomes to meet our client's individual needs and aims”

  • Do you dream of a longer, leaner, supple body and a superb posture?

  • Do you want to boost your confidence about your appearance?

  • Do you wish to improve your overall health and quality of life?

  • Do you want to finally ease your backache having tried other methods that just didn`t work?

  • If so, then Pilates will help you achieve all this – and much more.

Our teaches clinical Pilates in groups of no more than 12. This is to ensure and allow for very close management and guidance, this will have an impact and people will benefit from the amazing APPI Pilates techniques.

It doesn`t matter how old you are, whether a woman or man and what fitness level you have. Pilates is an ideal form of exercise for you! Pilates is an exceptional system of precise exercises designed to strengthen ligaments and joints, increase flexibility and lengthen the muscles, thus creating a leaner, taller silhouette. The method incorporates the body and mind and puts the emphasis on learning efficient breathing patterns and strengthening core muscles that support the back and pelvic floor. It aims to correct postural misalignment and restore muscle balance that has been disturbed through bad posture, habitual patterns of movement and repetitive strain injuries.

At Therapy-First Physiotherapy we teach the APPI Pilates Method that is designed by Physiotherapists to suit not only healthy people, but patients in the clinical setting and those with injuries as well. The method has a firm background in clinical research into spinal stabilisation. Any questions on APPI please come have a chat with Jaz and I will be able to give you more info.

In order for you to understand the Pilates method fully, it is important that you get acquainted with the following eight principles:


In Pilates, the focus on the relationship between breath and movement is essential. Breathing is slow and deep in order to energize the body. Clinical research shows that exhaling with the movement of greatest effort will provide the spine with the greatest local muscle stability. Therefore, to prepare for an exercise you will breathe in and as you breathe out you will pull the stomach in (navel to spine) and perform a movement. Don`t worry if it sounds confusing – As we teach you will learn it and with practice it will become a lot easier.


The Pilates exercises are performed slowly, therefore concentration on movement is important to ensure precision and correct body alignment.


Control and precision go together. The word ‘control’ means that the correct body parts are being used – e.g. activating your deep abdominals or in the pelvic tilts, being able to feel, literally, one vertebra at a time.


In Pilates, it is vital to recognize that there is one strong, core area that controls the rest of the body, called your ‘powerhouse’. Your powerhouse consists of your deep abdominal muscles, back muscles and pelvic floor muscles, which support your back and internal organs. If you have a strong centre, your back is strong, which means you can move easily without discomfort or pain.


In order to be effective, Pilates exercises have to be performed with exact precision. This attention to detail will lead to greater control and awareness of your body. This will also lead to a much-relaxed routine.


Every motion originates from a strong centre and is performed in a continuously flowing, smooth way. There are no sharp, quick, jerky movements.

Integrated Isolation

Pilates develops awareness of mind and body, which with practice will help you to recognise incorrect movement patterns, isolate them and correct them.


As with every skill, practice makes perfect, thus through repetition you will improve your skills and achieve the great benefits Pilates has to offer. To start transforming your life, book a place on one of our classes or a one-to-one session now.


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