This is an extension of our standard workstation assessment and includes a clinical examination of the individual first, followed by a workplace assessment. The extended format allows more effective recommendation of specialist equipment and is very popular for individuals suffering from work-related upper limb disorders who require specification of alternative input devices.

These assessments are useful for assisting individuals on a return-to-work programme or for individuals who have developed a level of disability due to musculoskeletal disorders. Our comprehensive reports differentiate between the recommendations required under health and safety regulations and those that will assist the individual to overcome their disability. Where requested we also offer advice on the clinical management of an individual; this is particularly popular with companies who do not have an Occupational Health management service. The appropriate level of consent is required for this assessment, depending on whom the report is sent to, and may need to be obtained before the assessment is arranged.

  • Clinical history
  • Workstation assessment and detailed task analysis
  • Seated postural analysis
  • Postural training and task management
  • Report detailing any suggested modifications
  • Duration: 1 -1.5 hours

Assessment types

At Therapy-First we have examined a variety of options and when it comes to workstation assessments as the saying goes “one size doesn’t fit all”, this is why have considered a range of options:

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