Our aim is to help you to remain independent in your home or to get back to normal life after an operation or a period of illness.

We can offer you physiotherapy if you have physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing or other factors such as working postures or disability. One of our team if you are aged 18 and over may see you at home or we can see under 18 with parent’s supervision.

There are several Physiotherapists who can work with you at home and whom you see will depend on the type of problem you have.

Therapy-First Physiotherapy will visit you at your convenience. We provide day, evening and weekend flexible appointments. On your first visit the Physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your presenting condition and your full medical history including your medication. This is important so we can provide a totally holistic approach to your rehabilitation.

The initial assessment and treatment will take about 1 hour. Providing your consent, the Physiotherapist will look at your posture, alignment and range of movement and continue to assess appropriately.

Other areas of the body may also need to be assessed in order to establish the diagnosis of the presenting condition. It is therefore appropriate to wear loose fitting clothing, such as a cropped top for neck for shoulder problems and shorts for back and lower limb problems.

Once a diagnosis is established our Physiotherapist will discuss this with you and together, we will formulate a treatment plan, long and short-term goals, in order to maximise your rehabilitation and full recovery. This will be personal and tailored to your individual needs.

Follow-up treatment sessions will be booked based on the Physiotherapist’s clinical judgement with a speedy recovery in mind.

Our Physiotherapist will bring specialised equipment to you to facilitate your recovery. If you are unsure if our Physiotherapy service will visit you in your area, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Or if you are unsure if Physiotherapy is the right treatment for your condition, then call us for a no obligation telephone consultation. At Therapy-First Physiotherapy we are happy to help you to get better.

Please note that the first 10 miles are included in the cost, then an additional charge for travel will apply

  • Deposit will be required at the time of booking
  • We deliver this service throughout Greater Manchester and may even travel to certain parts of Cheshire.

To book your class please contact the clinic to book your session.