I am a HCPC and CSP registered Physiotherapist, having earned my master’s degree in Physiotherapy, with clinical distinction, from one of Poland’s most distinguished medical schools, Opole University. I gained experience working with patients of all age groups in extremely busy orthopaedic, cardiac, pulmonary and neurological hospital departments. This placement not only challenged my knowledge and honed my skills in various procedural interventions, from manual therapy and muscle re-education to electrotherapy and task- oriented treatment approaches, but also prepared me for critical reasoning and sound clinical decision-making in order to provide safe and consistent therapeutic care.

During my career in Poland I had a chance to work in a very popular spa as a Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist, then in an orthopaedic retail outlet. I decided my true place was within a more complex and challenging hospital environment; therefore, I started work in a Polish-American Cardiac Clinic where as a Senior Physiotherapist I took care of mostly cardiac but also multi-pathology patients. It was an absolute pleasure working there as the team consisted of the best cardiologists in Poland. During that time, I maintained my passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I completed a functional physiotherapy in knee’s dysfunctions course and started learning and practising a very effective therapy support technique – Kinesiology Taping, which enabled me to specialise in treating complex sports knee injuries.

I firmly believe that physiotherapy should be client-centred and each individual requires personalised treatment. Therefore, I use a wide combination of physiotherapy techniques to provide my clients with the best possible treatment outcome. Within my practice I combine manual therapy, neural mobilisation, massage and acupressure to help restore pain-free active life for all my clients.