Sports Massage Therapist

I qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2019, having completed my VTCT Level 4 qualification. I have gained invaluable experience providing soft tissue treatment to rugby’s Super League seniors, as well as football’s Premier League academy athletes. In addition, several times I was a part of a wider team that was delivering pre and post sports massage to marathon runners and triathletes. I found combining studies for my qualification and completing my placements crucial in ever growing skills, as apart of developing my knowledge and having an understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

I was also able to enhance my practical abilities, which I strongly believe would help me to provide patients with the best possible care.

My passion for sport has begun in my very early childhood, I aspired to premier league sporting personalities.

I would not miss an opportunity to take part local sporting event as this is what I wanted, I developed my interest in biomechanics of sports performance, eventually sport and exercise-related injuries and how I can help sports athletes.

I am currently a third-year student bachelor’s degree in Sports Therapy, and I aim to complete my master’s degree in physiotherapy.

I also hold a qualification FA Level 4 Intermediate Trauma Medical Management in Football, which allows me to act as the primary care provider in the sports, pre-hospital environment of football.

As a sports massage practitioner I specialise in providing a range of sports massage techniques to prevent and manage injury, as well as treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair, dealing with musculo-skeletal and para-tendon structures.