Therapy First Physiotherapy workplace assessors based in MediaCityUK are accredited and certified by the (Chartered) Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

Fact:“Employers with more than 5 staff are required by law to undertake regular risk assessment of all employees who use display screen equipment (DSE) for more than one hour at a time in their working day”

It is a true fact of life that many people spend a substantial proportion of their working lives using Display Screen Equipment, be it a VDU, terminal or desktop computer. Nevertheless, using such equipment is not without its risks.

Therapy-First Physiotherapy has considerable experience and expertise in carrying out both individual and group workstation assessments to comply with the EEC regulations. The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations came into force in 1993 to implement European Directive No. 90/270/EEC of 29 May 1990, on minimum safety and health requirements for work with DSE.


Therapy-First Physiotherapy delivers workstation assessments and advice for individuals and for companies with employees who are suffering with particular work-related conditions (such as RSI, back pain, joint pain)or returning to work following time off forwork-related conditions or spinal surgery.

Therapy First workplace assessment can be tailored to your requirements ranging from:

  • An informal, office walk-through and general advice
  • Standard assessments for an entire team or company
  • Specialist assessments for individual or group who have reported specific problems following an in-house risk assessment

Assessment types

At Therapy-First we have examined a variety of options and when it comes to workstation assessments as the saying goes “one size doesn’t fit all”, this is why have considered a range of options:

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