One of our most popular services, these assessments is appropriate for employees with simple musculoskeletal problems. Often, the employer has their own in-house risk management programme but requires additional support when tackling employees with musculoskeletal complaints.

This assessment includes brief subjective investigation of the musculoskeletal problem, task analysis, brief assessment of working techniques and postures, assessment of compliance with relevant health and safety legislation and relevant anthropometric measurement. A written report is provided to the employer outlining the findings of the assessment, any changes made, information given and recommendations to address the risk identified.

Consent is obtained from the individual immediately prior to the assessment. These assessments are ideal for home workers and can be combined with a vehicle assessment for occupational drivers.

  • Basic Health & Safety checklist assessment
  • Includes relevant training and information
  • 30 – 45 minutes on-site and 45 minutes report preparation
  • Workstation assessment for individuals with simple musculoskeletal problems

Assessment types

At Therapy-First we have examined a variety of options and when it comes to workstation assessments as the saying goes “one size doesn’t fit all”, this is why have considered a range of options:

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