Pregnancy Massage

There are certain health complications that specifically affect women at different times in their lives that require specialist physiotherapy. Women’s Health Physiotherapy at Therapy-First centres on conditions related to Obstetrics (pregnancy), Gynaecology and Incontinence.

Whether you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, a new mum or you experience bladder or bowel weakness, prolapse, pelvic pain or problems with your pelvic floor, our aim at Therapy-First Physiotherapy is to enhance your health, fitness, wellbeing and quality of life. We’ll give you all the facts and support you need to precisely manage your condition. Our aim is to provide the very best physiotherapy for you.

Pregnancy Massage Manchester

Incontinence of the bladder and bowel affects 5 million people plus alone in the UK, mainly women. Due to the delicate nature of these health care issues women can take up to ten years before obtaining advice and help. Some women are too embarrassed and feel uncomfortable to speak to their General Practitioner and consider that incontinence is a normal consequence of aging or after child birth and may not realize that effective treatment is available to help manage or even cure the problem.

Physiotherapy is suggested as first line treatment now and offers improvement or “cure” for over 80% of women who suffer from these issues! Do you suffer from these issues below? At Therapy-First Physiotherapy we are here to help!

For more tips and advice on incontinence issues visit the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s webpage.