Sports Physio Manchester

INJURY EXPERTS: Successfully treating difficult Injuries.

Trusted by the late Dr Ron Hill MBE, runner and entrepreneur.

“Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy is a vital part of the Therapy First’s healing and deterrence programme and works either in conjunction with our physiotherapy services or as an independent treatment option. Therapy First offers soft tissue massage therapy including deep sports massage in MediaCityUK, and you can book in for either a full hour or a thirty-minute slot. We have built our reputation offering expert rehabilitation for the smallest of strains to the most complex of cases. And we’re highly-regarded by other professionals and those looking for a second opinion.”

Sports Physio Manchester

At Therapy First Physiotherapy we take sports injury very seriously, treating players from football/rugby clubs to local amateur athletes from the MediaCityUK and Greater Manchester area.

We believe that we excel in diagnosing injuries. Sports physiotherapy is somewhat different to standard physiotherapy in the sense that it centres on the treatment and prevention of injuries obtained through sport and exercise.

A sports physiotherapist is a specialist in understanding the physical stresses that sports can place on an athlete and their body. These extreme demands can lead to pain and injury.

At Therapy-First Physiotherapy our trained physiotherapist will be able to analyse, examine a sporting action and correlate or connect it to your pain or injury. Once a diagnosis is made only then will the treatment commence.

In spite of using many comparable treatment methods to standard physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy encourages the injury to heal, to some extent, in a different way.

At Therapy-First Physiotherapy our team understands that as an athlete or an up-and-coming sportsman the last famous words you don’t want to hear is “you can’t train, run or compete.”

The team at Therapy-First Physiotherapy will do all they can to find ways to keep you in the game and performing by treating your injury and alleviating your pain whilst the healing and recovery process takes place.

Therapy-First Sports Physiotherapist looks at many techniques and methods to get you on the road to recovery fast.

Therapy-First Sports Physiotherapist looks at many techniques and methods to get you on the road to recovery fast. Your physiotherapist may utilise many of the following treatments that would benefit you. Therapy-First Physiotherapy team will work out with you and your coaches to ensure that you know you are doing everything you can to maintain your fitness and pursue your sports and hobbies.

Conditions treated:


Therapy-First’s Chartered Physiotherapists will look at all the contributing factors to your condition, such as biomechanics, habitual usage patterns, co-ordination and any previous injury. Our treatments options are as follows: